Crisis Management

The impact of crisis on image and reputation should not be underestimated

Our promise: putting our know-how and 30 years of experience in food crises at your service.

Product Law Firm benefits from practical experience in issues related to the food and nutri-cosmetic sectors. 

The mastery and experience of crisis management are essential to properly advise these companies in situations where image generally determines the “survival” of the product in the food sector market.

  • Establishing the chronology of events
  • Pre-diagnosis of risks
  • Responsive preparation of media time and scenarios
  • Rapid compliance and safety assessment
  • Establishment of an ex nihilo committee of scientific and technical experts
  • Checklist of actions to be undertaken
  • Setting up a strategy according to the different stakeholders
  • Drafting of a Q&A: press, government authorities, trading partners
  • Setting up a hotline for operational staff
  • Participating in crisis units
  • Management of media strategy
  • Coaching of managers and spokespersons
  • Legal strategy management
  • Creation of remediation plans to prepare for post-crisis liability