Litigation and remediation

Guide you through a high-risk environment

Product Law Firm benefits from practical experience in issues related to the food and nutrition sectors.

 Traditional and innovative food and beverage companies operate in a “risky” environment and are regularly confronted with litigation and investigations. 

The mastery and experience of crisis management is therefore essential to advise companies in delicate situations where the stake lies in keeping their products on the market.

  • Defining the legal strategy together with the client
  • Management of delegations of power
  • Setting up internal self-assessment procedures 
  • Establishing and highlighting good faith principles 
  • Defending innovative players against criticism and attacks from established players
  • Setting up internal processes in preparation for inspections and warnings
  • Assistance during official inspections in companies: strategy and drafting of responses)
  • Assistance in the context of DGCCRF investigations
  • Assistance in the context of criminal investigations
  • Informal and hierarchical appeals to government authorities (DDPP)
  • Appeals on grounds of misuse of power aimed at obtaining the annulment of individual decisions (e.g.: injunction to ensure compliance)
  • Defending clients before criminal courts (proceedings on grounds of mis-selling, deceptive commercial practices, accidental injury, etc.)
  • Special experience in food poisoning cases (e.g. listeria, E. coli, salmonella etc.)
  • Contractual liability
  • Liability for defective products
  • Warranty for hidden defects
  • Sudden termination of an established commercial relationship
  • Summary proceedings
  • Unfair competition (misleading commercial practices, parasitism, comparative advertising etc.)
  • Judicial expertise procedures
  • Implementation and monitoring of compliance procedures following a court conviction 
  • Creation of remediation plans to avoid the recurrence of litigation risk
  • Creation of remediation plans to comply with requests from judicial and/or regulatory authorities