Understand a product's life cycle

As part of our educational approach, Product Law Firm provides a quick overview of what we define as the product life cycle, with its key stages and the appropriate actions we offer. Protecting your product correctly also means taking action at the right time and with the right legal instrument.


& Development

From the very first sketches of your future product, you must take into consideration the legal framework applicable to your market (composition, marketing, contracts, etc.). Product Law Firm advises you upstream, in collaboration with your R&D, marketing and legal departments.

  • Regulatory and case law monitoring
  • Product compliance
  • Labelling & advertising
  • Packaging
  • Contracts
  • Specifications


The launch of your product is a critical moment for your business. Aware of the pressure exerted in this short period of time, Product Law Firm assists you in managing your administrative procedures and addressing the issues specific to your sector.

  • Administrative formalities (e.g. marketing authorisation)
  • Contracts
  • Waste recycling

& Litigation

Crisis is an integral part of your business. From the management of inspections, to liability or the need for a recall, Product Law Firm provides the support you need to deal with these situations, drawing on its extensive experience in litigation and crisis situations.

  • Crisis management
  • Withdrawals/recalls
  • Inspections by authorities
  • Product liability
  • Litigation (criminal, civil, commercial, administrative)