Regulatory and compliance

Guiding you through a restrictive and constantly evolving regulatory environment

Our promise: advising and complying with your products and processes in a pragmatic and protective manner.

Agri-food companies, whether traditional or innovative, operate in an extremely demanding and fluctuating commercial and regulatory environment. Product Law Firm is devoted exclusively to these companies. 

Our lawyers and legal experts use their legal expertise and their in-depth knowledge of the sector and the products to offer expert advice, for example on marketing, regulatory compliance or organisational structuring.

  • Analysis of the conformity of a product range or a product
  • Analysis of the conformity of the composition or claims with regard to the technical data sheets of raw materials 
  • Monitoring and control of the compliance of established products (in terms of regulations and new CSR requirements)
  • Validation of compliance for foodstuffs imported from third countries
  • Risk analysis of the use of nutritional and health claims for food supplements
  • Identifying the risks and challenges associated with the marketing of a new product
  • Setting up a system to anticipate and reduce the risks associated with a new product 
  • Qualification and compliance of innovative products
  • Management of administrative formalities 
  • Management of registrations and authorisations 
  • Management of notifications
  • Management of anonymous questions to public services on the interpretation of regulations
  • Audit of contracts and specifications 
  • Regulatory due diligence
  • M&A audit and post-acquisition counselling
  • Compliance with new food law rules
  • Integrating contractual architecture into internal processes
  • Implementation of a global compliance and corporate responsibility approach 
  • Creation of internal charters, models and procedures  
  • Creation of a brand product charter 
  • Analysis of the conformity of the finished product
  • Compliance with fair labelling
  • Analysis of the marketing promise
  • Validation of marketing claims and communication
  • Labelling review (French and foreign products) 
  • Counselling on mergers and acquisitions with high regulatory stakes
  • Counselling on the regulatory aspects of a corporate transaction
  • Counselling on fund raising in innovative food sectors
  • Analysis of the evolution of the legal framework of the food sector
  • Recommendations and opinions
  • Consultations on all legal issues, in particular in the field of food law